Corpus Christi Episcopal Church

The Rt. Rev.Bishop Gregory O. Brewer, Bishop The Diocese of Central Florida
 The Reverend Amanda J. Bordenkircher, Vicar



Rev. Amanda Bordenkircher



Rev. Jacquie Guernsey


The Wardens and Vestry comprise the first and often the most visible line of the laity's leadership in the parish. The Vestry works within the structure of the Canons of The Episcopal Church, the Canons of the diocese, and FL law to oversee the parish property, collection and disbursement of funds and the calling and care of a Vicar. Wardens provide Vestry leadership, preside over parish affairs in the absence of a Vicar, facilitate communication within the parish and often act as a bridge between a Vicar and the congregation. Both Wardens and Vestry members give sacrificially of their time, talent and treasure, basing their work on a broad foundation of prayer, worship and stewardship. Each Warden and Vestry member has a direct area of responsibility as head or member of a committee. They organize the resources within the Vestry, the congregation and the community to achieve their goals.

Senior Warden

Betty LaFrance

Junior Wardens

Duane Haupt


 Linda Weekly

Dorine Hunt

Ruth Meade

 Carl Schatz



 Dorine Hunt
Marge Ferns