About Membership


In the Episcopal Church and therefore at Corpus Christi, everyone who regularly attends is considered a member. All are welcome no matter where they  are on their spiritual journey. There are many ways of participation and membership in our community. Some people prefer to participate in community activities and services without formally joining. Everyone is welcome to attend services, events, and classes. The following information is offered for those who seek membership in a formal way in the Episcopal Church in general and Corpus Christi in particular.



Baptism is the sacrament signifying our identity as children of God and our commitment to walk in the ways of God throughout our lives.  Baptism serves, as well, as a sacrament of welcome into the Body of Christ—for children and adults.  In it, we celebrate God's love and embrace for God's people as unconditional and absolute; we are “marked as Christ’s own forever,” making Baptism a sacrament that is done only once in a person’s life.

Baptism is also a time when the community of faith gathers to renew its own commitment to Christ and to support those who are being baptized in their life in Christ. So it is appropriate that baptism take place, whenever possible, in the midst of the congregation during the Holy Eucharist as the chief service on a Sunday or other feast day.

The Book of Common Prayer designates certain days in the liturgical year as being especially appropriate for the celebration of Holy Baptism. These are the Easter Vigil (Saturday night before Easter Day), the Day of Pentecost, All Saints' Day or the Sunday after All Saints' Day, the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord (the First Sunday after the Epiphany) and the Annual Bishop's Visitation.